Great training materials matter.
Knowing how to deliver them matters more.

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Most programs focus on the ‘What’. What’s the content? What’s the curriculum? And what is this person missing? Change it Up shifts focus to the ‘How’. How do you deliver content? How do you approach being a Facilitator? And how can you help learners see the strengths they already have.

Change it Up provides strengths-based, soft-skill training in ready-to-use workshops that are holistic, hands-on, learner-centered and trauma aware. That’s our ‘What’.

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Our ‘How’ is delivering online Professional Development training to support the people delivering content and facilitating change. Because supporting Facilitators supports learners. It increases learner success and builds better outcomes for people, programs and organizations. That’s how we make a difference.

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The What

Change it Up Curriculum

15 full workshops that can be integrated into existing training or used as a stand-alone program.

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The How

P.D. Training

20 hours of both interactive and independent work to build skills, learn strategies and shift perspectives.

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What we’re hearing

“Independence, that’s what I got. I know the resources now. The motivation, the coaching, the good leadership of how to do things on our own.”

Tiffany, CiU Employment Essentials Participant, Maskwacis

“It was like soul food. In learning how to create the safe container for the group, I can go inward and nurture myself too.”

Online Facilitator Training Participant, 2021

“Being in CiU taught me to be more responsible, outgoing, independent, and most importantly, confident. Without the program, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I became a better person, I make wiser choices. I am more knowledgeable in both life and working skills. I obtained a job that I enjoy doing. I’ve come a long way from where I was before.”

Lorna, CiU Trades Participant, Maskwacis

“Although I have been facilitating for 20+ years, I came away with new ideas and have embraced them in my practice.”

CIU Facilitator Training Participant, 2021

“Change It Up helped me unleash potential I didn’t know I was capable of.”

Emilene, CiU Employment Essentials Participant, Maskwacis

Change it Up has been made possible by government, business and higher education.

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