the way you look at training and skills development.

What is the CiU Curriculum?

The Change it Up Curriculum provides strength-based, soft-skills training in ready-to-use workshops that are holistic, hands-on, learner-centered and trauma aware. Gathering over a decade of research and on-the-ground experience, the Curriculum Package includes 15 full workshops that help people learn, grow, get – and keep employment.

The resources are an incredible asset for facilitators, organizations and communities offering employment, pre-employment, foundational or life skills training. The materials can be used as:

  • an add-on to sector-specific training programs or employee on-boarding and training
  • a personal development component for any training initiative
  • group or individual activities for personal growth in a counselling or social work setting

Why is it different?

The Change it Up approach is about changing the way we look at training, education, and skill development.

The holistic approach is hands-on, participant-driven and strengths-based. It’s focused on reducing barriers, encouraging personal growth and walking alongside participants to support skill development and success in life, learning and employment. The program helps empower individuals to envision, create and execute an individualized plan for their future.

Who is it for?

Learning communities, employers, and organizations looking to offer more robust and effective skills and training opportunities to the learners and clients they work with. The workshops, resources, staff training and support materials are fully customizable and adaptable to fit individual program needs. Places where CiU could be used include:

  • Adult Education
  • Employee Training/On-boarding initiatives
  • Literacy programs
  • Indigenous communities
  • Employment programs and services
  • Job retraining initiatives
  • Counselling services
  • Community Centres
  • Human Resource Departments
  • Programs for at-risk learners
  • Indigenous training and support organizations
  • Skills training groups, etc.

How do I get it?

We are currently able to offer all materials free of charge when you participate in our Facilitator Training. This CiU P.D. will help you grow your facilitation skills and understand the approaches and philosophy behind the Change it Up materials.