MentorNation<sup>TM</sup> is a unique initiative supporting Aboriginal entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency. The custom-built online platform will connect First Nations entrepreneurs with successful business leaders from across the country, providing much-needed support, resources and expertise to local startups, often located in remote locations.

We are proud to announce the initiation of our pilot project in the spring of 2014, in partnership with CYBF, leaders in supporting the success of young and emerging Canadian entrepreneurs. We are currently looking for mentors in the Edmonton area, to work with First Nations startups from our Change it Up! Entrepreneur program in Samson Cree Nation. Email us your contact information to find out more.

By supporting entrepreneurs in First Nations communities we can build capacity and infrastructure that will grow businesses, generate new jobs and help communities thrive.

Not ready to mentor? Donate today and help build thriving economies in our First Nations communities.

Why this matters

There is no disputing the fact that access to opportunity in Canada’s First Nations communities is desperately low and that the situation is critical.

  • One in four children in Canadian First Nations communities live in poverty—almost double the national average.
  • First Nation people living on-reserve have and unemployment rate that is almost three times that of non-Aboriginal Canadians.
  • The household income for First Nations living on-reserve is approximately $16,000 compared to $36,000 for the rest of Canada.
  • 61% of First Nation adults have not completed high school, compared with 14% of non-Aboriginal Canadians.
  • By 2017 Canada is going to face a labour shortage as boomers retire and there are fewer people to replace them.