“I have heard very positive feedback and they (staff) are looking for ways to implement the ideology from the training into how they do their regular work.” –2023, Habitat for Humanity

“The Change it Up program has been very much informed by the Indigenous experience, and I think that makes it a really unique program. The philosophy of the approach is where the magic is.” –2022, SevGen Consulting

“I would recommend this program for every employer out there, every school out there. I really like what they’ve done.” –2022, Tradewinds

“I have been facilitating groups for years, and found new tools and tips that I have already implemented in group sessions I have hosted.” –2022, Habitat for Humanity

“This was without question the most useful and best facilitated online course I’ve taken.” –2022

“While I’ve participated in some trauma-aware/trauma-informed training in the past, this was the first time that I felt it was delivered in a way that really resonated and that I feel will really stick with me. I feel I’ve come away from this training with tangible techniques, resources, and learnings that I am excited to apply in my work moving forward.” –2022

“So many tools are directly applicable. Th e training was very practical – a huge feat given that it was virtual! This is hands-down the best virtual training I have been a part of.” –2022

“Very well designed content. The synchronous and asynchronous content was all very helpful. Having the facilitator guides is going to be a game changer when it comes time to develop my own trainings.” –2022

“The flow between teaching and activity , and activities that were group-interactive and personal-reflective, made it easy to stay engaged.” –2021

“Although I have been facilitating for 20+ years, I came away with new ideas and have embraced them in my practice.” –2021