About Us

Classroom Connections began developing innovative educational programs across Canada over 20 years. Our award-winning materials have been used in over 80% of schools in Canada and over 95% of users would recommend our programs to others.

Understanding that classroom-based resources were not enough, we have worked extensively over the past 15 years to increase our impact through the Change it Up Initiative,  which brought ground-breaking employment and skill development programs to communities across Canada, as well as powerful soft-skill curriculum materials and Professional Development opportunities for people delivering training and working to help others grow, change and thrive.


Classroom Connections supports and strengthens education and training in Canada by creating innovative resource materials, initiatives, and professional development that transform learning opportunities for educators, learners, leaders, and communities – with practices that engage, empower, and inspire.


Classroom Connections is a leading change maker in education and training, shifting educational practices, learning systems, and certification structures to become more strength-based, holistic, and learner centered. Our work fosters the development of authentic and powerful learning opportunities that help every Canadian reach their full potential and become vital, healthy, contributing members of society.

Our Learning Foundation

​The Classroom Connections Learning Foundation and its Board of Directors facilitate charitable donations for educational projects that support the work of Classroom Connections.